50% Cashback Mining $LBC on ViaBTC Pool

3 min readApr 17, 2022

Since the exponential growth of cryptocurrency in 2021, thousands of investors have flocked to crypto mining. In light of its low risks and stable returns, many large mining companies are trying to venture into energy-rich regions outside their countries. Meanwhile, at the venue of Bitcoin 2022, nearly half of the exhibition booths were taken up by mining institutions and were flooded with attendees asking mining-related questions. These are all indicators of an unstoppable mining boom.

Since the beginning of 2022, the BTC hashrate has reached new highs. According to data from Glassnode, miners currently earn about $207,000 per Exahash, and miners’ profit is still 150% higher than what it used to be after the latest halving in May 2020. However, the ASIC mining rigs available on the market are expensive, consume too much power, and are noisy. As such, many miners have shifted their focus to some less-recognized cryptos that come with a lower mining difficulty and require less powerful and cheaper mining rigs.

To meet the increasingly diversified demands of miners, mining pools stopped confining themselves to a single cryptocurrency and are moving towards a multi-crypto and multi-payment model. For example, ViaBTC pool, an all-inclusive mining pool serving global miners, not only allows miners to mine BTC and ETH but also provides services that enable the mining of dozens of other cryptos, including XEC, DCR, LBC, etc.

According to ViaBTC’s official announcement, the pool will launch an LBC mining event from April 17 to May 16 — all LBC miners on ViaBTC Pool will receive cashback rewards (50% of the mining fee paid for LBC hashrate added during the event), which will be distributed within 10 business days after the event ends. Follow ViaBTC for more surprises and benefits. All information is subject to ViaBTC’s official website announcement.

About LBC

LBC (LBRY Credits) is a token used for trading throughout the LBRY network, which is a decentralized content-sharing platform. On LBRY, anyone can freely upload/download any content, including videos, music, e-books, etc. It is like a more free YouTube without ads. Meanwhile, creators can earn LBC rewards by uploading content, without having to pay service fees to any third parties.

The total supply of LBC is 1.083 billion; according to rules released on its official website, the total supply will be distributed as follows:

10% for organizations, charities, and other strategic partners.

20% for adoption programs.

10% for operational costs as well as profit.

60% earned by LBRY users, via mining the LBRY cryptocurrency.

As of April 17, the network hashrate of LBC stands at 784.20 TH/s, and the daily profit per terahash is approximately $4.40.

Source: ViaBTC

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About ViaBTC

ViaBTC, founded in May 2016, provides professional, efficient, safe, and stable cryptocurrency mining services for over one million users across 130+ countries/regions, with a cumulative mining output value of tens of billions of dollars. As the world’s top-tier all-inclusive mining pool, it provides mining services for dozens of mainstream cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. Backed by the one-stop, all-inclusive services including a mining pool, an exchange, and a crypto wallet, ViaBTC is committed to offering global users more abundant support tools, more stable and more efficient mining services, and a better product experience.

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