A Letter to ViaBTC Users: Born with Faith, May We Stand Fearless Together

3 min readJun 5, 2022

Dear ViaBTC users,

It’s the time of year again where we share a few thoughts with you. In 2022, we welcomed plenty of new friends and spent many unforgettable moments with our old friends. It gives us great pleasure to say that ViaBTC celebrates its 6th birthday today.

The single spark has started a prairie fire

Back in June 2016, ViaBTC’s founder Haipo Yang developed ViaBTC Pool and completed all the coding by himself, which was unprecendented in the field of mining pools, and opened a door to the blockchain space for ViaBTC. The single spark has started a prairie fire. Within just a few months after its inception, ViaBTC Pool has built a strong track record.

That said, the real journey of ViaBTC has just begun. There is still a long way to go before we realize our vision — Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. Through continued efforts by the ViaBTC team, CoinEx was introduced in 2017, ViaWallet was launched in 2019, and CoinEx Smart Chain captured the spotlight in its debut in 2021. Today, ViaBTC has evolved from a small team into a world-renowned blockchain group. Focusing on all blockchain categories, ViaBTC aims to make the blockchain world a better place.

Together, we’ve gone through thick and thin

On the arduous journey in the ever-changing blockchain industry, all companies, including ViaBTC, have had to go through plenty of challenges and obstacles. Some project have attempted to profit from market trends while others have achieved fast growth by focusing on all sorts of possibilities. For many times during the past 6 years, we have also hesitated at the crossroad of team development, facing temptations and different choices.

Perhaps, we may not be the greatest team that always makes the most sensible decision. Yet, the best decision we have ever made, which will never change, is to always put you — our users — first. At ViaBTC, the user experience is our fundamental growth driver. As we are convinced, great teams are fostered by users. With your support, ViaBTC will eventually grow into an invincible team.

During the ups and downs, ViaBTC has achieved countless milestones and also suffered from confusion and doubts. As an old saying goes, the good seaman is known in bad weather. Such is the case with ViaBTC which has shone in the dark and tempered itself in doubts. We hope to leave something meaningful for the blockchain industry. On the occasion of ViaBTC’s 6th anniversary, we’d like to thank all of you for believing and supporting ViaBTC over the past 6 years. No team is fearless by birth, but with your continued support, we have never felt daunted by the way ahead.

Over the past year, countless crypto bubbles have burst, and many hit projects have ended up in failure. Some remain sound and stable, while some others have vanished. The road ahead of ViaBTC will be beset with thorns yet also full of roses. We believe that fearlessness allows one to forge ahead into the unknown realm. Born with faith, ViaBTC stands fearless. On ViaBTC’s 6th anniversary, we’d like to send you a message of such fearlessness to help you forge ahead into the next 6 years together with ViaBTC.