A Letter to ViaBTC Users: Born with Faith, May We Stand Fearless Together

The single spark has started a prairie fire

Back in June 2016, ViaBTC’s founder Haipo Yang developed ViaBTC Pool and completed all the coding by himself, which was unprecendented in the field of mining pools, and opened a door to the blockchain space for ViaBTC. The single spark has started a prairie fire. Within just a few months after its inception, ViaBTC Pool has built a strong track record.

Together, we’ve gone through thick and thin

On the arduous journey in the ever-changing blockchain industry, all companies, including ViaBTC, have had to go through plenty of challenges and obstacles. Some project have attempted to profit from market trends while others have achieved fast growth by focusing on all sorts of possibilities. For many times during the past 6 years, we have also hesitated at the crossroad of team development, facing temptations and different choices.



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