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4 min readJan 9, 2024

Leading the PoW (Proof of Work) mining race, Bitcoin’s journey in mining hardware development — from GPUs to ASICs — took almost two years. In contrast, Kaspa, an emerging project launched in 2021, has rapidly intensified its mining competition due to the soaring price of its KAS token and the enticing mining rewards it provides. Such market enthusiasm has drastically reduced the timeframe for the technological shift from GPUs to ASIC miners.

However, with the deployment of many mining rigs, the hashrate of the Kaspa network has rapidly increased, significantly raising the difficulty for individual miners to mine a block alone. To ensure stable KAS mining profits, joining a stable mining pool becomes the best choice, similar to the current practice of most Bitcoin miners. However, this collaborative approach does entail paying a specified mining fee to the mining pool.

At present, most mining pools supporting KAS mining on the market adopt the PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) method for mining revenue settlement. Although the fee rates of different pools vary, they generally range from 1% to 4%. As the world’s top all-inclusive mining pool, ViaBTC launched KAS mining services in May 2023, becoming one of the first pools to offer support for KAS mining.

The ViaBTC-KAS Ambassador program is actively ongoing.

Considering the impact of mining fee rates on the mining costs of KAS miners, ViaBTC has specially launched the ViaBTC-KAS Ambassador Recruitment Call, aimed at helping miners save as much on mining costs as possible. Successful ViaBTC-KAS Ambassador applicants will not only enjoy a 20% referral reward, but this rebate also carries a lifetime validity. In addition, referred users will get a 50% discount coupon, valid for 30 days, to further reduce their mining costs.

The coupon can be used for the KAS mining pool.

How Much Can Coupons Save?

Suppose Miner A, as an invited user of the ViaBTC-KAS Ambassador, receives a 50% discount coupon for KAS mining fees from ViaBTC, valid for 30 days. With a hashrate of 8 TH/s, and assuming the KAS price is $0.114 and the total network difficulty is around 136.66P, calculated at a PPLNS fee rate of 2%, the daily income is approximately $78.31, and the theoretical income for 30 days is about $2349.3.

With the application of the 50% exclusive rate discount coupon, Miner A’s daily earnings from an 8 TH/s hash rate connected to ViaBTC would increase to $79.11. Over the 30-day validity of the coupon, the total income amounts to $2373.3.

Daily Yield of Miner A Before Using the Coupon
Daily Yield of Miner A After Using the 50% Coupon

As a result, by utilizing the 50% coupon, Miner A can save $24 in fees over 30 days, effectively increasing his overall mining profits. Miners with greater hash rates stand to benefit more significantly from these savings when using 50% coupons.

Note: The profit calculator tool provided by ViaBTC is based on the set difficulty parameters and the average miner fees over the past 7 days to estimate the theoretical PPS+ earnings. However, for KAS using the PPLNS earnings settlement method, fluctuations in overall network hash rate and pool luck can lead to significant discrepancies between estimated and actual earnings. The above calculations are for reference only.

Embrace the array of benefits that come with joining ViaBTC!

1. KAS to USDT conversion/auto-conversion is supported.

2. Profits are settled every 10 minutes, miners can check the details of the profits and withdraw or dispose of them at any time.

3. Transfer to CoinEx exchange, 0 fee and real-time payment.

4. Access 3 convenient methods to monitor mining hashrate fluctuations with ViaBTC: Telegram Alert, APP Push, and Email Alert.

5. Revenue sharing is supported, through which your partners can receive a proportionate share of the mining yield from the current account.

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