BitRock Joins Hands with ViaBTC to Offer All-new Mining Experiences and Celebrate its 6th Anniversary

Deliver product value via better services: 1+1+1>3

R-Cluster DC Management System, which is independently developed and designed by BitRock, enables the real-time monitoring of mining farms and the swift alert of abnormalities. Built on the basic structure of “Cloud plus Local”, the system also supports global and private deployment adapted to different regions and languages. With this management system, miners can manage their crypto assets with high precision and full coverage. Through all kinds of real-time mining statistics, miners can significantly improve their O&M efficiency and save labor costs.

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ViaBTC Pool, together with BitRock, is providing integrated one-stop solutions that cover performance improvement of mining machines, mining facility deployment, mining facility O&M, as well as the connection and management of hashrates. With the superior matching services provided by ViaBTC and BitRock, costs borne by miners will be further cut down.

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In today’s mining industry, savers are winners. Only miners who can save their hashrates and mining costs would better adapt to the market and maximize their profits. In this regard, the R-Cluster DC Management System introduced by BitRock relies on refined management and high-precision controls to organically combine immersion cooling and overclocking. Together with ViaBTC mining pool services, it enables a real synergy effect of 1+1+1+1>4 and offers all-new mining experiences.



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