BitRock Joins Hands with ViaBTC to Offer All-new Mining Experiences and Celebrate its 6th Anniversary

5 min readJun 17, 2022


Crypto mining is never short of innovations. From CPU-based mining in the early days to today’s ASIC miners, each crypto wave has brought fresh changes to crypto mining. As mining rigs shift towards high hashrates and integration, mining farms are also becoming more sophisticated, larger, and more specialized. Meanwhile, many first-rate companies like ViaBTC have stood out in the field of mining pools, and there are also rising stars among mining service providers, which include BitRock.

The primary factors affecting the mining revenue and the user experience are the mining machines purchase cost, electricity cost,operation and maintenance cost(O&M),as well as service stability and convenience. In particular, the mining machines purchase cost and electricity cost are not only determined by the channels selected by miners but also subject to the objective performance of the machines. O&M cost and service stability & convenience, on the other hand, have a great impact on the labor cost, which is growing higher. That said, a one-stop solution that addresses all of the above concerns would be a great help to miners during the mining process.

As an all-inclusive crypto mining pool serving a global user base, ViaBTC provides users with one-stop online solutions to crypto mining, allowing them to benefit from services that include Mining Machine Connection, Revenue Storage, Currency Exchange, Bill Service, and Watcher Function. ViaBTC focuses on offering stable and convenient online products. Since it was founded in June 2016, ViaBTC has provided professional, efficient, safe, and stable crypto mining services for over one million users in 130+ countries/regions around the world, with a cumulative mining output value of tens of billions of dollars.

To offer integrated solutions for the improvement of mining rig performance and O&M, ViaBTC has partnered up with BitRock, an innovative mining service provider. Back in 2019, BitRock developed an ingenious product called R-Cluster DC Management System, which has been applied to the O&M of many mining equipment and mining facilities. It also worked with Antminer and developed R-Cluster OS+ overclocking firmware for Antminer S19 and Antminer S19 Pro, both mainstream models in the mining industry. The firmware can significantly increase the hashrate of a mining machine while keeping the impact on its unit power consumption to a minimum. At the same time, BitRock has also been cooperating with top Chinese universities to research and develop the immersion cooling mining facility which will soon be introduced to the market and go into service.

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R-Cluster DC Management System, which is independently developed and designed by BitRock, enables the real-time monitoring of mining farms and the swift alert of abnormalities. Built on the basic structure of “Cloud plus Local”, the system also supports global and private deployment adapted to different regions and languages. With this management system, miners can manage their crypto assets with high precision and full coverage. Through all kinds of real-time mining statistics, miners can significantly improve their O&M efficiency and save labor costs.

While keeping the impact on the unit power consumption of the mining machines to a minimum, R-Cluster OS+ overclocking firmware (applicable to AntMiner S19 and AntMiner S19 Pro) increases its hashrate by up to 60% via immersion cooling and 30% through air cooling. Meanwhile, R-Cluster OS+ is also easy to install. The adoption of both the overclock firmware and R-Cluster DC Management System allows for the real-time monitoring of mining machines. When the chip heats up and reaches the preset temperature, the system will lower the working efficiency of the mining machine to avoid damages and losses and keep the machine working with the optimal overclocking status. After a mining machine reboots, R-Cluster DC Management System automatically turns it back on to the optimal working efficiency to maximize the mining revenue.

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ViaBTC Pool, together with BitRock, is providing integrated one-stop solutions that cover performance improvement of mining machines, mining facility deployment, mining facility O&M, as well as the connection and management of hashrates. With the superior matching services provided by ViaBTC and BitRock, costs borne by miners will be further cut down.

To congratulateViaBTC for its 6th anniversary, BitRock is offering high discounts to ViaBTC users:

All miners purchasing the R-Cluster DC Management System via the exclusive link below will enjoy a 10% discount, which saves $1,500 in fees on an annual basis for machines of 100Ph/s.

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In today’s mining industry, savers are winners. Only miners who can save their hashrates and mining costs would better adapt to the market and maximize their profits. In this regard, the R-Cluster DC Management System introduced by BitRock relies on refined management and high-precision controls to organically combine immersion cooling and overclocking. Together with ViaBTC mining pool services, it enables a real synergy effect of 1+1+1+1>4 and offers all-new mining experiences.

As the consensus of cryptos such as Bitcoin expands, a growing number of investors are flocking to the mining sector, and the demand for cooling equipment, overclocking firmware, and mining management systems is also on the rise. Hardware and software are inseparable, and both are essential to the development of crypto mining. In the future,ViaBTC hopes to collaborate with more excellent blockchain companies like BitRock,shoulder the great mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place, empower more technological innovations, and contribute to the growth of crypto mining.