Exclusive 0 Fee PLUS 2% of Extra Mining Yields: ViaBTC Launches “ETH Mining Party”

Ethereum is second to none among global public chains. Despite its low on-chain TPS, expensive transaction fees, and limited on-chain carrying capacity, Ethereum enjoys high consensus, making it difficult for numerous “Ethereum killers” in the industry to shake its status as the top ecosystem in the short run.

The launch of the ETH 2.0 beacon chain, in particular, offers a glimmer of hope. From the ETH 2.0 pledge address, we can see: As of April 28, 4,025,186 ETH has been deposited to Eth2 Deposit Contract (the pledge smart contract address of Ethereum 2.0), with a total value of US$10.456 billion (calculated at US$2597.7). That serves as a telling evidence of the industry’s great expectations for ETH 2.0.

Even though the opposition to EIP-1559 remains unabated, ETH miners are growing in number. In addition, the upgrade of ETH 2.0 will promote ETH to become a deflationary asset, as suggested by the co-founder of EthHub on Twitter on April 22: “Once EIP-1559 is implemented, every single transaction on Ethereum will burn $ETH. Every liquidation, every ETH transfer, every layer 2 proof, every DEX trade, and even every rug pull — it doesn’t matter what the transaction is — ETH will continue being burned.”

Rising expectations and future deflation mechanisms have made Ethereum the preferred target among the general investors and miners. If you are an Ethereum miner mining ETH and want more profits, welcome to ViaBTC Pool. ViaBTC has launched the “ETH Mining Party” at 2:00 (GMT) on April 28, and this event will last until 2:00 (GMT) on May 28. During the period, all users in the ETH mining pool can mine without transaction fees and get an additional 2% of mining income for the new ETH hashrate.

For example:

Following the PPS+ settlement method, with miner’s hashrate at 0.1TH/s, assuming the current daily income is estimated at 0.0000336ETH/M, then:

Daily income before the event: 0.1 * 1,000 * 1,000 * 0.0000336 =3.336 ETH

With the transaction fee deducted, the income is less than 3.336 ETH;

Daily income after the event: 3.336 ETH, which is the net income as there is no transaction fee.

For the new hashrate, you can also get an additional 2% of the mining income.

This event comes as a gesture of gratitude for miners’ continued support for and attention to ViaBTC, and aims to offer them more mining income in this bull market.

ViaBTC Pool is the world’s leading digital currency mining service platform. As a senior mining pool in the industry, it has long been committed to the concept of security, transparency, fairness and freedom. Years of accumulation and good service have gained it a good reputation among miners and made it a preferred brand among them.

More details:https://support.viabtc.com/hc/en-us/articles/900005868546-ETH-Mining-Party-Exclusive-0-fee-mining-PLUS-2-of-extra-mining-yields





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