How to Ensure More Stable Kaspa Mining?

4 min readJan 26, 2024

Kaspa (KAS), as an emerging Proof of Work (PoW) project, is considered the next-generation leader following Bitcoin. Since its launch, it has won widespread market recognition for its unique scalability and innovative features. Especially after Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake (PoS), KAS, as a highly profitable mining project, has quickly become a sought-after object for crypto miners.

Certainly, for miners to achieve high profitability in KAS mining, ensuring stability during the mining process is crucial. Currently, KAS can be mined SOLO or by joining a mining pool. However, regardless of the chosen method, appropriate hardware machine is always the basic requirement to ensure stable mining.

01 Mining Stability Method: Hardware Machine Optimization.

Select suitable mining hardware machine: Investing in high-efficiency and reliable mining rigs is the first step to ensure stable mining. Choosing mining rigs produced by top mining machine manufacturers with good cooling systems can significantly reduce the risk of hardware failures. Another added advantage of choosing these top manufacturers’ mining rigs is the reliable after-sales service support in case of any issues.

Regular Maintenance: Regularly cleaning the mining rigs, checking their internals, and ensuring the cooling system is unobstructed can effectively prolong hardware lifespan and reduce unexpected downtime.

Similarly, the optimization of the network environment should not be overlooked. Surveys show that the main reasons miners encounter mining interruptions or face high rejection rates are often due to poor network environments or failure to update mining rig firmware in a timely manner.

02 Mining Stability Method: Network and Firmware Optimization.

Stable Network Connections: Numerous miners have faced issues like abrupt mining rig shutdowns or elevated rejection rates in mining pools. These problems are commonly linked to unstable network connections. Thus, maintaining stable network connectivity is crucial to prevent disruptions or high rejection rates in mining, ensuring uninterrupted mining operations.

Mining Rig Firmware Optimization: Mining rig firmware is specialized software embedded in mining machine, and its upgrade can effectively optimize the operation performance of the mining rig, thereby improving mining efficiency, reducing power consumption, and saving on electricity bills. However, there is a common misconception: many miners believe that the official firmware that comes with the mining rig is the best for automatically optimizing performance, so they do not consider upgrading the firmware.

For miners who choose to join a mining pool, if the firmware version is too low, it may lead to incompatibility between the mining rig and the pool, resulting in decreased hashrate. Therefore, in necessary situations, downloading the latest firmware version from the official website of the mining rig manufacturer, or contacting the manufacturer’s customer service for support, and upgrading the firmware is one method to reduce the high rejection rate of mining rigs.

Ensuring the stability of the mining process is important, but equally crucial is ensuring the stability of mining profits.

Given that the current network hash rate of Kaspa has reached a staggering 155 PH/s, mining competition has become increasingly fierce. For those small miners with limited computing power and only a few mining rigs, SOLO mining might mean no earnings for days or even longer. In such cases, joining a mining pool becomes an effective strategy. By collaborating with other miners to complete mining tasks assigned by the mining pool, the mining pool distributes mining profits at set times. For small miners, this is the best method to ensure the stability of mining profits.

Moreover, some mining pools in the current market have not only established their mining advantages but also offer diversified asset management plans to increase miners’ flexibility in managing their mining profits. Let’s take a look at the efforts made by ViaBTC in this regard.

  1. Revenue is settled every 10 minutes.

(1) ViaBTC supports a KAS mining profit settlement every 10 minutes.

(2) Users can check revenue details and withdraw mining revenue at any time.

2. Multiple asset management methods are supported.

(1) KAS to USDT conversion/auto-conversion is supported.

(2) Unique ecological advantages, withdrawal to CoinEx Exchange charges 0 fees and is processed immediately.

(3) Revenue sharing is supported, through which your partners can receive a proportionate share of the mining yield from the current account.

3. ViaBTC-KAS Ambassador Program: Currently Thriving and Active.

(1) Become an ambassador and enjoy 20% referral rewards, and the referral validity period is permanent.

(2) Users invited by ambassadors will receive a 50% discount coupon for KAS mining fees, valid for 30 days!

ViaBTC official website link:

ViaBTC-KAS Ambassador: Application link

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