How to Maximize Miners’ Profits amid the Recent Market Fluctuations? ViaBTC Has Two Perfect Solutions!

What is Hedging?

ViaBTC’s hedging service aims to help miners hedge against risks in token prices and lock profits in advance to stabilize the mining income. Miners can estimate the mining output for a period of time in the future, then borrow coins through the “hedging” service, and sell them for the current market price to secure profits first. The subsequent mining output will be used to pay off the tokens borrowed. In this way, the long-term mining profits remain unaffected.

What is Staking?

Contrary to “hedging”, a countermeasure against price slumps by locking in profits in advance, “staking” is a flexible financial solution to capital turnover that help prevent long investors with a temporary need for working capital from selling their cryptos and missing the market rise. Miners, who hold cryptos yet need capital to cover daily expenses such as electricity and the maintenance of mining machines, can stake their cryptos to borrow some funds from ViaBTC for turnover, and then redeem the staked cryptos after repayment.



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