How to Maximize Miners’ Profits amid the Recent Market Fluctuations? ViaBTC Has Two Perfect Solutions!

4 min readJun 24, 2021


The crypto market has frequently witnessed volatile fluctuations in token prices. Miners, who rely on mining as a major source of income, usually suffer plummeting profits due to an unexpected price slump; or they may be in an urgent need of funds, yet have no choice but instantly sell the bullish tokens, regretfully missing the coming rise.

Under the above two circumstances, how can miners have their income maximized with the tokens mined? By integrating mining with the traditional financial concept, ViaBTC has rolled out [Hedging] and [Staking] to offer miners more diversified fund management methods to earn them as much profit as possible.

What is Hedging?

ViaBTC’s hedging service aims to help miners hedge against risks in token prices and lock profits in advance to stabilize the mining income. Miners can estimate the mining output for a period of time in the future, then borrow coins through the “hedging” service, and sell them for the current market price to secure profits first. The subsequent mining output will be used to pay off the tokens borrowed. In this way, the long-term mining profits remain unaffected.

Below is an example:

A miner believes Bitcoin has hit a peak at 40,000 USDT and is about to fall soon, so he can apply for the hedging service with ViaBTC. Say his daily output is 1/6 Bitcoins at the moment, that is, he will mine at most 30 Bitcoins in 180 days. After such evaluation, ViaBTC Pool will lend him at most 30 Bitcoins as the hedging fund.

The miner needs to deposit one-sixth of the hedging fund as a margin for the first hedging. In other words, he can deposit 5 Bitcoins for as many as 30 Bitcoins. Then these Bitcoins can be sold for a market price of 40,000 USDT, earning the miner 1,200,000 USDT. The income will be temporarily frozen in his hedging account and unlocked gradually when the miner automatically repays the loan with the Bitcoins mined. Besides the automatic repayment, the miner can also set a repayment date at his sole discretion to manually transfer Bitcoins. Assume that Bitcoin drops to 30,000 USDT in 30 days when the miner repays his loans. Without hedging, he could only get 900,000 USDT from the 30 Bitcoins mined. Evidently, it is the hedging service that brings him the additional profits of 300,000 USDT.

What is Staking?

Contrary to “hedging”, a countermeasure against price slumps by locking in profits in advance, “staking” is a flexible financial solution to capital turnover that help prevent long investors with a temporary need for working capital from selling their cryptos and missing the market rise. Miners, who hold cryptos yet need capital to cover daily expenses such as electricity and the maintenance of mining machines, can stake their cryptos to borrow some funds from ViaBTC for turnover, and then redeem the staked cryptos after repayment.

Here is an example:

The current Bitcoin price is 20,000 USDT, and a miner has 10 Bitcoins at this moment. He is optimistic about the future rise of Bitcoin, but right now he needs funds for machine maintenance. So he can stake the 10 Bitcoins he has to ViaBTC for 120,000 USDT as working capital. Similar to hedging, staking does not stipulate a fixed repayment deadline, and the miner can determine when to repay the loans in light of his financial conditions. Assume the Bitcoin rises to 30,000 USDT 30 days later, and then the miner may entrust ViaBTC to sell the staked coins for this price. In this way, he has not only paid off the 120,000 USDT but also earned 180,000 USDT. Or he may repay the loan by other means to redeem the 10 Bitcoins previously staked.

Without the staking service, the miner had to sell the Bitcoins at 20,000 USDT for 200,000 USDT, and as a result, he gained only 80,000 USDT after spending 120,000 USDT upon covering the daily expenses. ViaBTC’s staking has secured him the additional profit of as much as 100,000 USDT.

Currently, miners can stake coins such as BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, and LTC for USDT only from ViaBTC through the staking service. With this perfect solution to their urgent need for working capital, miners no longer have to sell the coins they have. The application will be approved instantly, and miners can borrow and repay the coins anytime.

The above two examples (which are for feature introduction only and do not constitute any investment advice) provide telling evidence that accurate predictions of market trends and the reasonable use of suitable financial instruments can help you maximize the income in the volatile crypto industry. ViaBTC’s [Hedging] and [Staking] just turn out to be the perfect solutions. Try them out now!