How to Mine KAS (Kaspa): The Latest Guide to KAS Mining

5 min readJan 18, 2024

Kaspa, exemplifying BlockDAG’s innovative tech, has become one of the best-performing crypto projects in 2023. In the last year alone, it has delivered exceptional returns to investors. Per CoinGecko, from early 2023 to date, KAS has seen a staggering 1673.9% surge in price, reaching new historic highs driven by its robust growth. This impressive performance has also caught the eye of global miners, drawn by the lucrative returns.

The Merge upgrade of Ethereum in September 2022 forced the collapse of an Ethereum mining industry worth nearly $19 billion. However, some miners who had switched to KAS mining early on also achieved decent rewards. Consequently, other investors followed suit, buying mining rigs to participate in KAS mining. In response to the rapidly growing mining demand, ASIC manufacturers quickly reacted, launching ASIC Miners specifically designed for Kaspa’s kHeavyHash algorithm. During this process, the network’s hashrate continuously climbed, making the widely used GPU miners obsolete, and ushering the Kaspa network into the era of ASIC Miners.

In this article, ViaBTC closely follows the current mining market dynamics and brings you the latest operational guide for KAS mining. Additionally, we provide suggestions and references for common problems encountered by KAS miners during the mining process, aiming to help miners mine more efficiently under new circumstances.

The Latest Guide to KAS Mining

Kaspa employs the kHeavyHash algorithm, compatible with ASIC, GPU, and FPGA Miners, although GPUs and FPGAs are now suboptimal for mining KAS. The following guide is only for how to mine KAS in a mining pool, and for a mining guide for SOLO miners, refer to: [Kaspa Official Article].

  1. Applicable Miners

Currently supporting KAS mining ASIC Miners:


ICERIVER: KS0, KS1, KS2, and KS3, etc.

2. Choose a mining pool and register a personal account, using ViaBTC as a case study.

Download the official ViaBTC App or visit the ViaBTC official website ( and complete account registration via email.

3. Select your preferred payout method in the ViaBTC.

ViaBTC supports two payment methods for KAS currently: PPLNS and SOLO. Learn the payment methods in ViaBTC: [All Things You Need to Know about the Transaction Fee of a Mining Pool]

4. Mining Setup

4.1 Enter the following information in your mining device:

Pool 1 URL:stratum+tcp://

or Pool 2 URL:stratum+tcp://

4.2 Enter your username or sub-account on (not wallet address or email address) in the “username” field. The “worker” field is for the miner’s name, which can be customized and can consist of numbers or letters. Use a period “.” to separate the username and worker name.

4.3 To set the initial difficulty, enter a specific password in the “Password” field on the miner configuration page. For example, entering”d = 1024" indicates that the difficulty is set to 1024. The theoretical values are as follows:

Note: The above data is for reference only. If you are unable to mine KAS normally, please submit a ticket to ViaBTC.

5. Monitoring & Earnings

After the miner has been stabilized for around 10–15 minutes, you can check the operation status and profits via Workers and Earnings page on Pool. You can also download ViaBTC App to view the related data at any time.

6. Payout

6.1 Auto Withdrawal(ZERO fee and unified payment every day between 10:00 and 18:00 UTC+8).

6.2 Normal Transfer(Transfer anytime but the fee is required).

6.3 Inter-user Transfer(ZERO confirmation and fee).

6.4 Transfer to CoinEx (ZERO confirmation and fee).

As more and more miners join the KAS mining ranks, ViaBTC has noticed that many miners face similar issues during the mining process. To this end, we offer some reference suggestions here for these common problems to help miners have a better mining experience.

Usual Problems & Solutions

  1. Why is there a difference between actual and expected rewards?

Miners’ mining profits are influenced by various factors, including mining difficulty, miner fees, and pool luck. Whether using ViaBTC’s profit calculator or any other calculator on the market, the calculated results may differ from actual profits. Therefore, these estimated rewards can only serve as a rough reference.

2. Why is the rejection rate of the ASIC Miner always high?

If a single ASIC Miner has a high rejection rate, it may be due to network issues, overheating of the miner, or firmware errors. First, check the network connection and try replacing the network cable. Next, pay attention to the temperature control of the miner, especially in hot regions, to ensure good heat dissipation. If you have installed third-party firmware, consider checking or updating the firmware. If these measures do not resolve the issue, you can submit a ticket to ViaBTC, and we will arrange for a professional to contact you and provide further assistance.

3. Why does the amount of KAS received in my mining pool wallet decrease periodically?

According to the white paper released by the Kaspa official team, Kaspa has designed a unique reduction mechanism, which smoothly decreases by (1/2)^(1/12) each month, equivalent to halving every year. Therefore, as a Kaspa miner, one can deeply feel that the amount of KAS mined is gradually decreasing over time. However, it is precisely because of this positive reduction mechanism that the scarcity of KAS is maintained, resulting in the market’s bottom price of KAS being continuously pushed up over the past two years, showing a spiraling upward trend.

Special Benefits for KAS Miners!

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