In Celebration of ViaBTC’s 6th Anniversary, Collect Cards to Share $50,000 Bonus

Task 1: Complete a questionnaire and get rewards

Users can fill out the questionnaire on the exclusive event page for ViaBTC’s 6th anniversary, and get the event card “V”, which is also the entry ticket to the subsequent event “Collect Cards to Share $50,000 Bonus”. In addition to the card, ViaBTC will also send miners a mysterious coupon package.

Task 2: Mine

As a comprehensive cryptocurrency mining pool serving a global user base, ViaBTC has provided mining services for as many as 17 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and LTC. During the official event, miners only need to contribute any hashrate to whatever crypto mining pool supported by ViaBTC to get the card “I”.

Task 3: Download and log in to ViaBTC Pool App of the latest version

Miners can download the ViaBTC Pool App on such channels as the official website, App Store, and Google Play, and receive the card “A”. The QR code for downloading is as below:

Task 4: Activate “Auto Conversion” for any crypto

To relieve fluctuations in profits arising from volatile prices, ViaBTC rolled out “Auto Conversion” in June 2020 to allow automatic conversion of more than 10 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and LTC into USDT or BTC on an hourly basis. To make more miners benefit from “Auto Conversion”, during this event, ViaBTC will offer the card “B” to anyone who has activated this function.

Task 5: Learn about Referral Rewards

ViaBTC has provided referral rewards since January 2022 to give back to its miners, which represents the highest referral ratio across the industry. ViaBTC Ambassadors can enjoy a referral ratio of up to 20% for a lifetime by inviting their friends to mine in ViaBTC Pool. During this event, miners can get the card “T” by clicking the button on the event page to learn more about referral rewards.

Task 6: Withdraw cryptos to CoinEx account

CoinEx Exchange, an important part of the ViaBTC ecosystem, charges no fees for crypto withdrawals from ViaBTC to a CoinEx account, eliminating the obstacles between crypto mining and crypto trade. During the event, users can get the card “C” after withdrawing cryptos from ViaBTC to their CoinEx account. It is worth mentioning that miners who make such withdrawal for the first time during this event period can enjoy extra 50 CET and corresponding privileges in CoinEx Exchange.



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