New ViaBTC APP Launched with Upgraded Functions & Interface

2 min readNov 6, 2020


The new version of ViaBTC Pool APP (iOS V.1.5.4/Android V2.4.6) was launched on Nov 3, and the APP functions and interface were upgraded significantly including hashrate fluctuation notification, profit calculator, watcher permissions, etc. We believe that this upgrade will provide users with a more convenient and safe experience.

  1. Hashrate fluctuation notification

The notification module is divided into three custom items: frequency, email, and notification mobile number. Users can monitor their hashrate information anytime, regardless of whether they are traveling , dating, lying on bed or playing video games!

2. Profit calculator

The profit calculator module is now placed in the most conspicuous position on the homepage. Miners can calculate their profits by setting the difficulty, price , PPS Fee rate and other information. This function is specially developed for miners to evaluate the risk and return in a more convenient way.

3. Miner Rankings

In view of miners’ concern about electricity bills and net income, we specially set the “Miner Rankings” on the homepage. By setting the parameters, users can calculate the daily net profit and electric ratios of different mining machines.

This function currently supports BTC, BCH , BSV, FCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, ZEN, ZEC, DASH, XMR, CKB, LBC, HNS, RVN and other 15 cryptocurrencies.

4. Watcher permissions setting

Following the upgrade of “Watcher permission” on the website, the app also supports all functions now. Users can flexibly configure the viewing authority of each observer.

Thanks to the long-term and support and suggestions of ViaBTC users, which encourage us to continuously improve and polish our product and service. Stay tuned for the future updates of ViaBTC!

Download the APP now:

About ViaBTC Mining Pool

ViaBTC mining pool is the fifth largest BTC mining pool and is also the largest BCH mining pool in the world. ViaBTC has served more than one million users from 130+ countries/regions with secure & professional services of cryptocurrency mining. It pioneered the PPS+ revenue distribution model, which is safe and stable with higher revenue. ViaBTC is also the world’s first mining pool that supports the Hourly Auto Conversion between mined coins and USDT.