Pool Promotion: Mine For Free BMW!

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Mine at ViaBTC Pool to Win FREE BMW!

For all ViaBTC Bitcoin pool users — good news! You will have a chance to mine for a free BMW Series 3 in the following three months!

Check out the rules:

From May 12th to August 12th (GMT+8),

  1. TOP 1 miner with minimum mining income of 2000 BTC will get aFREE $50,000 BMW Series 3
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2. TOP 20 miners with minimum mining income of 100 BTC will get a$749 iPhone 7 in RED

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3. ALL who have mined 10+ BTC will each get a pair of$148 Sony h.ear in Wireless

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Multiple methods for higher payout

ViaBTC pool’s innovative PPS+ method is an upgrade on the conventional PPS method, with allocation of ALL transaction fees. PPS+ guarantees much higher mining payouts to our miners.

Estimated Daily Profit per 1TH/s: 0.00049823 BTC (about equal to PPS 110.95%) — update at 11:30 May 12th


1. VIP clients with high hashrate are welcome to contact our Account Manager Ryan for pool fees discount.

2. The promotion period is from 00:00:00 May 12th to 00:00:00 August 12th 2017 (GMT+8).

3. All winners will be announced within one week after the promotion, please refer to ViaBTC official announcement and email notification for details.

4. Each account is limited to ONE mining reward.

5. ViaBTC reserves the right of final explanation and revision for the terms.


Customer support: support@viabtc.com

Account manager: Ryan

WhatsApp:+86 136–7018–8335;

Wechat: shehowyoung

You can check your mining rank here: . Join our pool right now!

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Via Bitcoin, Making World a Better Place.

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