Dear ViaBTC users,

Recently, we find that there are scammers who have used various means to impersonate and use the ViaBTC brand to commit fraud, including but not limited to using the “ViaBTC” brand, impersonating customer service, etc. They are trying to induce people to register and invest money, which have affected our users’ rights and brand reputation.

ViaBTC hereby solemnly reminds users and related parties to protect the security of assets, and beware of scammers! ViaBTC is not responsible for any adverse consequences arising from counterfeiters, scammers, and gullible rumors; and any behavior that damages the reputation of the ViaBTC brand will be strictly investigated for legal responsibility once verified.

At the same time, if you find any scams using ViaBTC brand, you can contact customer service on ViaBTC official website for verification, or you can directly report to the official Twitter @viabtc_pool.

ViaBTC official channels are as below:



Support Center:

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

PS. Here is one of the scam website ( and be aware of that!!

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