Step by Step Guide to Starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC

3 min readJun 18, 2020

In order to help our miners to get the best possible profits, now we present you the step by step guide to starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC. No time for hesitation, try Smart Mining now!

Smart mining consists of two different mining modes, namely as “Manual Switch” and “Auto Switch”.

Auto Switch provides an automated way of profitable mining using the designated algorithm to monitor the real-time status of possible returns. In comparison to manual switch, it’s more flexible and easier to keep tracking of your mining returns.


Enable Auto Switch

It now supports BTC、BCH and BSV, besides, your assets in your account can also be converted into BTC on an hourly basis automatically.

Before enabling auto switch mode, you’re required to configure smart mining URL: stratum+tcp://;

Enable Manual Switch

This supports Bitcoin pool (BTC, BCH, BSV, FCH) and Ethereum pool (ETH, ETC).

One-click switch address is different from the stratum URL for a specified coin. Details for one-click switch URL are listed as following:
BTC/BCH/BSV/FCH: stratum+tcp://
ETH/ETC: stratum+tcp://
Noted: Port 25 or 443 is available as an alternative option.


Go to then click [Settings] from the drop-down menu on your right hand side.

Click [Switch mining pool] under the [Mining Settings] to select a new coin type.

Select “Mode” and “Coin Type”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unique feature of Auto Switch compares to Manual Switch?
It’s more flexible and easy to set up, SHA-256 mining algorithm compatible.

How long will it take to be activated after enabling Auto Switch?
Once Auto Switch is on, system will monitor the possible return rate of all compatible coins using a designated algorithm and switch to the one with higher profits, you may go to the Pool panel for more accurate mining status.

Why I can’t see my earnings increased after enabling Auto Switch mode?
Auto Switch mode demands high-efficiency when it switch between the current mined coins to the new one with possible high returns, specified using designated algorithm and current difficulty, thus it’s not a guarantee pass for high returns when “Auto Switch” is on.

Is there any requirements of MIN. limit of hashrate before enabling Auto Switch?
There is no minimum limit of hashrate in your account before enabling Auto Switch in your account.

Which type of coins are supported in Auto Switch mode?
Currently all types of coins in Bitcoin Pool are supported in Auto Switch mode, including BTC, BCH and BSV.

When will the mining rewards distributed to my account?
Rewards distribution are varies for different mining modes, and distribution time remained unchanged compares to the one in Manual Switch mode.

Can I use part of hashrate to mine a designated coin after enabling Auto Switch?
After enabling Auto Switch, hashrate connecting to your account will switch from one to the other automatically using a designated algorithm.

Will I receive hashrate fluctuation notification after enabling Auto Switch?
You’re required to set hashrate fluctuation notification for all compatible coins by the time enabling Auto Switch, more detailed guideline can be found here.

How to check your current mining preference?

Go to first then enter [Pool] panel to check your current mining preference.

When should I change my mining preference?

It is recommended to use profit calculator to get a general idea of the theoretical earnings outcome when selecting mining preference.