The Establishment of ViaBTC Capital Renovates the Blockchain Investment Ecosystem

On August 6, 18:30 (UTC+8), the official website of ViaBTC Capital, ViaBTC’s new subsidiary, went life, which also marked the official establishment of the newly initiated platform. At the same time, soon as it was incorporated, ViaBTC Capital has launched its first round of venture capital funds, committed to building an investment ecosystem integrating capital, resources, and post-investment services.

Founded in May 2016, ViaBTC Group is an innovative technology company specialized in blockchain. In order to better focus on industry development, incubate and empower star projects in the blockchain industry, the group incorporates global resources to establish a wholly-owned investment brand — ViaBTC Capital.

ViaBTC Capital aims to gather and integrate the global resources under ViaBTC Group’s management, build the blockchain ecosystem by means of investment, and bring high-quality concept designs and blockchain technologies to full realization. It also aspires to become one of the most favored capitals by newly established companies and fund seekers in the blockchain world, providing not only financial support, but also technical expertise, marketing promotion services and cooperation opportunities with ViaBTC Group, to serve as a bridge between the two sides for a win-win situation.

ViaBTC Capital mainly invests in three major technical domains including Web 3.0, Layer 2 and DApp via the primary and secondary markets. In addition to the financial support, it also provides the clients with marketing support, technical guidance, access to the global investment network, and other potential opportunities and resources. With the company’s rich experience and technical maturity, ViaBTC Capital provides senior technical guidance and support for projects. Relying on the multi-channel international media operations and the company’s global community of 500,000+ users, ViaBTC Capital assists users with reliable international marketing and promotion support. Based on its long-term close cooperation with high-quality capitals and leading companies in the industry, ViaBTC Capital can channel potential funds and resources for the clients, so as to improve the brand exposure and popularity of the projects.

In the future, ViaBTC Capital will dig deeper into the market to broaden its horizons and incorporate an even bigger picture. It will never stop its exploration in the potential projects for blockchain ecosystem construction, as to continue working with all the start-up teams with innovative, enterprising spirits. From infrastructure to application projects, it will help improve the investment ecosystem and become an infrastructure provider in the blockchain field, and join hands with its partners in the creation of a better future for the cryptocurrency industry.

Official website of ViaBTC Capital:

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