ViaBTC 4th Anniversary Celebration: ViaBTC & BitDeer Jointly Distribute Benefits

3 min readJun 3, 2020


Dear ViaBTC users:

Thank you all for the love and support over the past 4 years! We join hands with BitDeer to provide you two big benefits. The details are as follows:

Benefit 1: Get BitDeer Cloud Mining Extension Coupons

  1. Duration: June 1 — July 1 (UTC)
  2. Qualified participants: All ViaBTC users who haven’t registered on BitDeer
  3. Event rules: During the event, ViaBTC users who sign up as BitDeer users through the event page are qualified to obtain a 2% — 5% Mining Extension Coupon (exclusive for new users) provided by BitDeer.
  4. How to get coupon: Click “Get Now” → Open the BitDeer registration page → Complete the registration → The Mining Extension Coupon will be allocated to user’s BitDeer account within 5 working days.
  5. How to use: When purchasing cloud hashrate on BitDeer’s official website, check the Mining Extension Coupon, and the user can get the corresponding free mining days by completing the order.
  6. By using the Mining Extension Coupon, user can get free mining time. However, the electricity fee should be paid by the user.

Benefit 2: Electricity Subsidy Coupon Exclusive for BitDeer Users

  1. Duration: June 1 — Sept. 1 (UTC)
  2. Qualified participants: All BitDeer users
  3. Event rules: During the event, BitDeer users who connect cloud mining hashrate to ViaBTC and mine BTC/BCH/BSV can get electricity subsidy provided by ViaBTC. Electricity subsidy will be allocated on a monthly basis according to the value and length of hashrate of a single order, and will be allocated for a maximum of 3 months. The details are as follows.

4. On the 1st of each month, electricity subsidy will be distributed proportionally in terms of the value and length of BitDeer user’s hashrate connected to ViaBTC in the last month. The monthly electricity subsidy amount = the total amount of electricity subsidy × ⅓ × (the number of mining days in the current month ÷ the total number of days in the current month).

5. No limit will be set on the number of orders. For example, If user A has more than one order that meet the reward conditions, then user A can get multiple electricity subsidies.

6. Electricity subsidies will be allocated to the users’ BitDeer accounts in the form of electricity coupons. For instructions, please refer to the official website of BitDeer.

7. Users who have no hashrate in ViaBTC mining pool on the last day of each month will be considered as invalid users, and the electricity subsidy for that month will be cancelled.

ViaBTC and BitDeer reserve the right of final interpretation of the above rules.




Via Bitcoin, Making World a Better Place.