ViaBTC 6th Anniversary Comes to a Successful End, Bringing Tens of Thousands of Users to a Crypto Carnival

4 min readJul 1, 2022


As the official event “Collect Cards to Share $50,000 Bonus” ends on ViaBTC’s website, the 6th Anniversary events that lasted for more than 40 days are drawing to a close. During this period, ViaBTC has celebrated its sixth-birthday along with tens of thousands of crypto enthusiasts, sharing joy and expressing gratitude to those who have stood by, believed in, and supported ViaBTC for the past six years.

Were you reminded of the beautiful moment when you first met ViaBTC in the “Share Your ViaBTC Memories” event? ViaBTC’s story started in June 2016 when founder Haipo Yang completed all the coding and deployment of ViaBTC Pool in just two months, bringing it to the general users. Up to now, ViaBTC has made creative breakthroughs one after another, which marks the collective memory of both this pool and its users along the journey of growth.

Have you ever felt ViaBTC’s efforts to keep up with the crypto world through “The BTC Prices You Don’t Know” event? ViaBTC Pool was born when Bitcoin hit the bottom price of merely $500. Back in those days, the public bombarded this cryptocurrency and blockchain, and was pessimistic about their future. Still, committed to its mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place”, ViaBTC focuses on providing better mining services for users with concerted efforts.

So when Bitcoin and the entire crypto world ushered in a boom, ViaBTC has already become the world’s top comprehensive crypto mining pool. With mining services for dozens of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and LTC as well as innovative financial products, it offers secure and stable one-stop mining service to over one million users in more than 130 countries/regions around the world.

Were you impressed by the “V”, “i”, “a”, “B”, “T”, and “C” cards in the event “Collect Cards to Share $50,000 Bonus”? This event officially kicked off on June 2. Users can join the lottery to share $50,000 bonus after collecting the six cards of “V”, “i”, “a”, “B”, “T”, and “C”, each with distinct features.

Many of you might have noticed that each card presents the introduction of ViaBTC’s unique features after you click on it. In the past six years, ViaBTC has rolled out many premium innovative features, including Transaction Acceleration, Smart Mining, Hedging Service & Crypto Loans, Auto Conversion, Revenue Sharing, and Auto Withdrawal, aiming to provide users with secure, stable, efficient, convenient, and user-friendly products and services.

Did you regain your commitment to and faith in the crypto industry against the recent market downturns through the letter “Born with Faith, May We Stand Fearless Together”? The crypto world is still in its infancy, so the road forward must be full of thorns, which has scared away numerous users and sifted out many institutions in the early days. The crypto world still has a long way to go, and ViaBTC will also experience many hardships and challenges in the future. Despite that, we always believe in the rosy prospect of blockchain, and will never cease our steps forward in the face of the ups and downs of the market.

The sixth-anniversary events have come to a successful conclusion, yet for ViaBTC, a new journey has just begun. Instead of being content with Bitcoin mining service alone, we have provided up to 17 mining services that cover most of the mainstream PoW cryptos on the market; with ambitions beyond the mining pool business, we have set up five major business segments spanning the mining pool, exchange, wallet, CSC and investment, all of which constitute an all-encompassing ecosystem covering products, tools, and investment.

ViaBTC enjoys infinite possibilities in the future. Dedicated to the mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place”, we will catalyze the innovation and progress of the blockchain industry through advanced financial technology, and join hands with users to create another six years of glory in the new era of blockchain.




Via Bitcoin, Making World a Better Place.