ViaBTC 6th Anniversary: From $500 to $30,000, the BTC Price Milestones

3 min readMay 27, 2022


On November 1, 2008, someone named Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System on a cryptography forum. In this paper, Satoshi illustrated a decentralized electronic trading system. On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block of Bitcoin, which marked the birth of this cryptocurrency.

On May 22, 2010, an American programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz in Florida posted on BitcoinTalk, a Bitcoin forum, that he’d like to exchange Bitcoin for a few pieces of pizza and finally reached a deal with someone nicknamed Jercos. Hanyecz bought a pizza coupon worth 25 cents for 10,000 BTC, which is the first time Bitcoin has been used as a payment method.

Since then, the market circulation and trading of Bitcoin gradually took off, which gave Bitcoin a price. Expanding its coverage from a small community of geeks to the general public, the cryptocurrency has now become one of the most-watched assets in the world. The BTC price has also witnessed the ups and downs of the crypto market in recent years.

As Bitcoin and the crypto market go through their ebbs and flows, many entrepreneurs joined the crypto space when the market was bullish, and many companies left as market conditions turned bearish. As a world-leading crypto mining pool, ViaBTC was created when Bitcoin was at a low point. Committed to improving the user experience, the pool has kept refining its products and gone through the past 6 years alongside Bitcoin.

  • In June 2016, ViaBTC launched the BTC pool when the BTC price was only $500.
  • In October 2016, ViaBTC’s BTC pool ranked top 5 globally in terms of hashrate. At the time, the BTC price was just $600.
  • In December 2017, ViaBTC introduced the ETH pool when the BTC price peaked at nearly $20,000.
  • In April 2019, ViaBTC rolled out the BTC block explorer, and after a one-year slump in 2018, the BTC price fell to $4,000.

However, the price drop did not slow ViaBTC down. Instead, ViaBTC continued to upgrade its mining pool services. In June 2020, the pool introduced Auto Conversion, which is a function that automatically converts the cryptos miners mined into USDT or BTC to ensure their mining revenue. In the months that followed, ViaBTC rolled out Hedging Service and Crypto Loans to improve miners’ capital efficiency. Back then, the BTC price was still fluctuating at around $10,000.

In 2021, the crypto market regained more user attention, and the BTC price soared. In May 2021, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $50,000. At the same time, thanks to its continued efforts, ViaBTC also gained more recognition from the miner community, and it ranked №1 globally in terms of BTC hashrate. Since then, ViaBTC has continued to focus on the user experience, upgraded its UI, and launched many new features, including Revenue Sharing, Ambassadors, etc.

Despite market swings, ViaBTC always insists on product improvement, so miners trust the pool with their hashrates. Though the BTC has gone up and down, ViaBTC’s hashrate has always been on a steady rise. Recently, the pool’s BTC hashrate has exceeded 20EH/s, gaining the trust of massive miners around the world.

Although the crypto market has cooled down a bit recently, ViaBTC never ceases its efforts to give back to users. On May 28, ViaBTC will launch the “BTC Price Prediction” campaign. During the event, users can take a quiz on BTC prices and win rewards. Those who have made the most accurate guess will win massive rewards!

Furthermore, ViaBTC will also kick off incredible giveaway events that include “Collect Cards to Share $50,000 Bonus”. During such events, users could get plenty of rewards, including discount coupons and USDT. Please follow ViaBTC’s social media accounts to stay updated and join the event to earn more rewards. Let’s embark on a prolonged crypto adventure together with ViaBTC and Bitcoin.