ViaBTC Cloud Mining Contract Trading function online

The price of Bitcoin in 2020 has soared from a low of $3801 to a high of $41,946, with the highest increase of 1003%! At the same time, miners who joined the game have already made a fortune.

Traditional Bitcoin or Ethereum mining is not a friendly way for new players. Miners need to buy mining machines, find mining farms or build mining farms by themselves, and pay electricity regularly. Huge investment is needed. Besides, mining also requires professional knowledge.

Cloud mining can solve those above problems and provides a chance for newbies to enjoy mining. To satisfy users’ purchase demand of cloud mining contracts, and provide chances for them to transfer the hashrate of purchased contracts, ViaBTC has launched “Contract Trading” exclusive for Cloud Mining!

What is Contract Trading?

Users who hold a cloud mining contract and want to transfer the contract can place a selling order in the contract trading market, and a buying order if interested in purchasing cloud mining contract for mining profit. We will conduct matching of buying and selling orders. Currently, BTC and ETH contracts are available for trading, while BTC36W2312/USDT and ETH5W2312/USDT trading pairs have been officially supported.

Trading Method

Selling order and buying order will be matched and executed based on the priority of price and time.

Many new mining machines and even second hand machines have doubled their prices in the past few months. Even if you have money, it’s still hard to find mining machines these days. This trading platform provides a chance for those who wants to join mining without buying machines. It also makes it more convenient for contracts holders to sell their contracts if they don’t want to hold it anymore.

During the contract’s effective period, users can freely place orders to buy or sell cloud mining contracts, realizing the transfer of hashrate at any time.

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