ViaBTC Gives Back to Global Miners in Gratitude for Their 6-year Support

3 min readMay 23, 2022

Since the birth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has always been subject to controversies. For most beginners, blockchain and crypto technology are new concepts. Attracted by get-rich-quick stories, millions have joined the crypto space, many of whom later suffered huge losses and escaped. Each drastic market fluctuation brings more controversies to the crypto industry.

Despite all the doubts, ViaBTC has always focused on users while pursuing its mission: Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. Having created a series of innovative crypto mining products, the pool helps miners improve their hashrate efficiency, receive steady returns, earn larger profits, and enjoy real benefits through secure, reliable technical capacity, user-friendly products, surprising events, and satisfying O&M performance.

When miners suffered from unstable, low returns, ViaBTC invented the PPS+ payment method, which was the first of its kind in the mining industry, and pioneered an industrywide change. The pool ensures stable mining revenue and distributes more profits to miners by offering additional miner fee rewards.

When many crypto users were troubled by delayed BTC transfers, ViaBTC took the lead in introducing Transaction Acceleration. Apart from the paid acceleration channel, the pool also provides free acceleration for 100 users every hour to shorten the confirmation time of their BTC transactions. So far, ViaBTC has accelerated over 530,000 BTC transactions.

When miners were concerned with potential losses due to orphan blocks, ViaBTC independently developed a new BTC client and built high-speed block updating networks distributed around the world. Thanks to such efforts, the pool has managed to maintain the lowest orphan rate in the crypto industry, which ensures the mining revenue.

Furthermore, when most pools settled the mining revenue on a daily basis, ViaBTC started to pay miners every hour. On ViaBTC, all mining revenue distributed to miners can be immediately withdrawn, and miners can check their real-time earnings whenever they want to. Meanwhile, to address the high volatility of certain cryptos, ViaBTC rolled out Auto Conversion. The function converts miners’ assets into USDT/BTC according to the market price on an hourly basis, which further ensures the stability of the mining revenue.

In light of the many cooperation models in mining, ViaBTC has launched Revenue Sharing. With this feature, miners no longer have to spend time on revenue distribution. Plus, both miners and partners trust automated revenue sharing, which makes cooperation more transparent and efficient. To assign more profits to old miners, ViaBTC upgraded “referral commissions” and introduced the “Ambassador” program to share its achievements with global partners.

As a platform that brings together global miners to share the yields of their combined hashrates, ViaBTC Pool has kept miners’ interests at heart. Going from product upgrades to function updates, the pool always puts miners first. Thanks to such a commitment, ViaBTC Pool has remained a world-leading mining pool in terms of hashrate during the 6 years of ups and downs in the crypto industry, and a growing number of miners choose to trust ViaBTC Pool with their hashrates.

ViaBTC Pool will celebrate its 6th birthday in June 2022. To thank miners who have been there with the pool through thick and thin, ViaBTC has rolled out a series of give-back events featuring plenty of rewards. By doing so, ViaBTC Pool hopes to invite all old users who have offered support throughout the past 6 years and welcome more new users to embark on its future adventure. Please keep track of the latest official announcement on the ViaBTC website, as well as its official Twitter/Instagram accounts and social media groups, and join this crypto feast.