ViaBTC Launched Smart Mining Service, Rate of Return is as High as 129%

The ViaBTC mining pool always put miners’ interests in mind and is committed to providing the best possible earning for miners. With the end of Bitcoin’s third halving, on 21 April, 2020, ViaBTC launched a brand new service, the Smart Mining, and it has successfully conducted a public beta test.

The Smart Mining of ViaBTC is an upgraded service and has several special advantages. It will automatically switch your hashrate to mine the most profitable currency to maximize your profit. Since the test, the average daily rate of return of mining has increased considerably.

Another outstanding feature is Hourly Auto Conversion. After enabling this function, your assets in your account will be converted into BTC on an hourly basis. It will enable the function of hourly auto converting asset to USDT and transferring to CoinEx exchange. This will be a huge benefit for users.

Under the daily conversion model in the past, when there is a sudden fall of the price of mined currencies, or the price of BTC rise a lot, users will experience profit losses/BTC losses. The hourly auto conversion will effectively avoid this, and the mining income will be more stable.

The following chart shows the test results on average (27 Apr — 5 Jun, 2020):

ViaBTC users’ real returns:

It can be seen that the revenue can be as high as 129.82%, and it maintains above 100%. On May 12, the hashrate of the entire network fell by more than 20%, but the ViaBTC mining pool’s hashrate quickly returned to stable. One reason is that part of the hashrate has been switched to smart mining and maintained a certain profit. It proves that the Smart Pool is one of users preferred products after halving.

It successfully supports the Smart Pool is one of the users’ preferred products after halving.

In addition to the high and stable income, it also provides exclusive transparent data reports. ViaBTC mining pool targets to tackle the problem of unclear income of this industry, pioneering the “daily + monthly report”model. Detailed hourly income reports can also be provided.

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