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The crypto mining market recorded significant growth in 2021. The relevant data shows that the market cap of crypto mining reached $2.285 billion last year, and the market is now growing at a high compound annual growth rate of 28.5%. We have seen a growing demand for cryptocurrency globally, which attracted droves of investors to crypto mining. For mining pools, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. All mining pools should consider how to provide more stable returns, more satisfying services, and enhanced security measures for different types of miners.

To begin with, miners demand the prompt withdrawal of their daily mining profits. This is particularly true under extreme market conditions. When faced with wild price swings, miners might suffer huge losses if they could not swap the cryptos they mined for safe-haven cryptos due to delayed withdrawal.

In fact, such losses are avoidable. For instance, ViaBTC Pool introduced Auto Conversion and Auto Withdraw to address the high volatility of the crypto market. In particular, Auto Conversion enables the automatic conversion from over ten cryptos (e.g. BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) to USDT or BTC. With this feature, users can benefit from automatic crypto conversions on an hourly basis. When Auto Withdraw is activated, if the crypto profit exceeds the minimum payment amount set by the miner, the system will automatically transfer the profit to the pre-set withdrawal address on a daily basis, without charging any fees.

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Secondly, other than the types of cryptos minable, a leading comprehensive crypto mining pool should also be able to offer genuinely one-stop mining services that help miners meet all their needs on one platform. Relying on its unique advantages, ViaBTC Pool provides users with a premium selection of quality mining farms and mining companies through “Mining Farms” and “Mining Companies”.

However, ViaBTC has also noticed that in addition to the electricity cost, many miners would also have to share part of their mining profit when working with certain mining farms. In such cases, some miners have to spend extra time calculating the dividend before transferring it to their partners. Meanwhile, the partners are also concerned with the accuracy of the calculation as well as the transparency and credibility of the daily profit figures provided by miners.ViaBTC enables free, real-time withdrawals.

To meet such demands, ViaBTC launched Revenue Sharing. With this new feature, miners can allocate a proportion of their revenue to the farm owner or mining partners in an efficient, automated, and transparent manner, sparing them the trouble of revenue distribution. Moreover, both miners and partners trust automated revenue sharing, which enables more transparent and efficient cooperation.

Lastly, to offer more benefits to veteran miners, and to encourage more new miners to join ViaBTC Pool and try out all-process mining services, ViaBTC has launched a new campaign called “Referral Commission”, through which users can get lifetime commissions of up to 20% by asking their friends to register a ViaBTC account and start mining on ViaBTC.

For more details about the campaign, please visit the ViaBTC website at



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