ViaBTC Mining Pool Together with Antminer to Provide Exclusive After-sales Service

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ViaBTC just had its fourth birthday, however, the celebration hasn’t stopped! Another wave of exclusive celebration events is coming!

To help miners go through wet season smoothly, ViaBTC mining pool join hands with Antminer support team to launch a FREE on-site after-sales service. Starting from June 15 (UTC), ViaBTC users who have 2,000 or more Antminers with the need of relocating mining farm(s), removing viruses of miners, and dealing with failure in batches can apply for this exclusive service.

Application duration:

June 15 — November 30 (UTC)

Application steps:

  1. Click HERE to open Antminer’s after-sales service application page, fill in the required information, and make a note in the last column: ViaBTC user, ViaBTC registered email, and the number of Antminers (e.g. ViaBTC user,, 3000 Antminers).
  2. Contact ViaBTC BD Director through Telegram (for EU & CIS users: @ Anton_ViaBTC; for US users: @ JeffJJC), and please remember to provide your service application screenshot and ViaBTC registered email.
  3. Once checked and approved, qualified applicants will be given priority to on-site technical support.

For more details:

Besides, please don’t forget that we also join hands with BitDeer to provide you big benefit: electricity subsidy coupon exclusive for BitDeer users! Detail:

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