ViaBTC Pool: A Premium Provider of One-stop Mining Services

4 min readJan 27, 2021


Bitcoin has repeatedly set new highs during the year of 2020, and even surpassed $40,000 in January 2021, more than 10 times the price ten months ago. Nowadays, Bitcoin miners, Bitcoin advocates and backbones all over the world, are still calling on the public to mine and hoard coins. They have long believed that Bitcoin will continue to break records and create a new era.

ViaBTC Pool, a long-standing leader in the Bitcoin mining industry and the world’s top encrypted digital asset mining service platform, has been popular among miners for its excellent reputation for many years. Committed to security, transparency, fairness, and freedom, this mining pool is the top choice for senior miners.

One-stop service of safe mining and “hourly exchange”

Speaking of Bitcoin, people will think of “Bitcoin miners”, the core force in maintaining the stability of the entire blockchain network who are very sensitive to profit and asset security. If miners want to “mine” Bitcoin more stably, they need to choose a stable, reliable and safe Bitcoin mining pool. ViaBTC Pool is one of the best choices for its four years of development and good fame among one million users.

Having broken the threshold of 10,000 BTC in 2020, ViaBTC Pool has become the world’s fifth largest BTC, second largest BCH, second largest BSV and fourth largest LTC mining pool in the world. It has served more than 1 million users from 130+ countries and regions over the years, and boasts the lowest orphan block rate in the entire network. It also pioneered the PPS+ income distribution model, which is safe, stable and high-yielding.

In addition to providing safe and efficient mining services, ViaBTC Pool is also a smart mining platform that supports manual and auto swithc mode. In the manual mining mode, there are BTC, BCH, BSV mining pools and ZEC, ZEN mining pools, and users can switch tokens at one click in the mining pool without the trouble of changing the address of the mining machine to easily earn higher returns.

In the auto switch mode, the hashrate will be automatically switched to higher-yielding tokens in real time among cryptocurrencies with the same algorithm (BTC, BCH, and BSV) to earn more returns than in the mode of mining a single cryptocurrency. Compared with manual switching, the automatic switching mode is also more flexible and convenient.

Besides, based on the smart mining function, ViaBTC Pool also launched the smart exchange service. At present, it is the world’s first to integrate the mining pool with the wallet and transactions by offering four functions, i.e. revenue storage, deposit, free withdrawal, and transaction acceleration, among accounts in the same mining pool with a built-in wallet module. At the same time, equipped with transaction modules, ViaBTC allows spot trading in users’ accounts of the mining pool. It is particularly worth noting that it has realized the “immediate exchange” function of USDT, a model under which the income of the cryptocurrencies mined is accurately distributed every hour. All users need to do is to authorize the USDT conversion. There are two modes available, i.e. the “manual immediate exchange” and “automatic hourly exchange”, which facilitates miners to withdraw the income and stabilizes the profit margin.

Intimate financial services featuring hedging and pledged lending

Amid market fluctuations, miners prefer stable income, so they can turn to ViaBTC Pool’s “hedging” and “pledged lending” services.

For long-term investors who hold a large number of tokens, such as Bitcoin miners and large Bitcoin investors, hedging is effective in avoiding risks and guaranteeing returns. ViaBTC’s hedging service, which can hedge risks arising from the volatile cryptocurrency price, stabilize mining income, and facilitate convenient and swift transactions, helps the majority of miners lock and maximize profits.

ViaBTC miners can estimate the prices of BTC, BSV, LTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies to be mined, and lock the prices in advance. They can borrow the currencies through ViaBTC’s “hedging” service, and sell them at the current market price to lock profits in advance. The subsequent mining output goes to ViaBTC as the repayment for the coins borrowed from it. In this way, the risk of falling cryptocurrency prices can be hedged, monthly electricity bills and other costs covered, and long-term stable mining income guaranteed.

In addition, with its “pledged lending” service, ViaBTC can realize the turnover of users’ assets when they expect the encrypted assets to rise and don’t want to sell them at the time. Their assets put in circulation can be withdrawn anytime.

Miners, who hold digital currencies and are optimistic about the long-term value but need funds to cover daily expenses such as electricity bills and maintenance of mining machines, can pledge encrypted digital assets, borrow cryptocurrencies from the ViaBTC for turnover, and then redeem the pledge after the debt is paid off. The “pledged lending” service of ViaBTC has three advantages. First, capital turnover that allows users to obtain funds for everyday operation without selling tokens; second, fast lending. Funds are approved and credited to users’ accounts upon application; and third, real-time borrowing and repayment with no time limit or service fees.

At present, cryptocurrency assets represented by Bitcoin have come to maturity, and are facing an increasingly friendly regulatory “environment”. As the world’s leading digital currency mining service platform, ViaBTC Pool has always been committed to being a one-stop service platform for miners and contributing its share to the development of blockchain and Bitcoin. It hopes to help miners go through both bull and bear markets without financial losses and embrace the golden age of market innovation.