ViaBTC: PoW-based Mining VS PoS-based Staking, Which One Is Better?

Based on the above analysis, we can draw conclusions as below:

  1. With the same cost, theoretically, the static income of PoW-based Ethereum mining in the first year is lower than that of PoS-based staking on Polkadot. That is because all the income in the first year needs to cover the costs of ETH mining, while staking on Polkadot generates income at the very beginning (assuming the crypto price does not fall). However, in the second year, the income of the former method will catch up and eventually far outrun the latter: in theory, the three-year yield rate of ETH mining will hit a staggering 378.07%, compared with only 101.36% in DOT staking on the precondition that the current ETH does not upgrade to ETH 2.0 in three years. But should the upgrade take place by the end of 2022, the figure would be reduced to only 87.72%, all costs deducted.



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