ViaBTC | Ready for More: Join Us in Celebrating ViaBTC’s 7th Anniversary

3 min readMay 29


2023 marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Meanwhile, Litecoin will soon kick off its third halving. As a top pool for BTC/LTC mining, ViaBTC will celebrate its 7th anniversary in June and launch a series of “Ready for More” anniversary events, inviting global users to join the birthday party.

Attracted by Bitcoin and its open-source vision, ViaBTC Founder Haipo Yang started investing in Bitcoin back in 2011. In 2013, Haipo began running his own Bitcoin node and contributed to community development. At that time, he realized that many technologies and products were immature during the infancy of the crypto industry. To better maintain the BTC network through mining pools, Haipo independently completed the coding of ViaBTC Pool in just two months, and the pool officially went live on June 5, 2016.

Since its launch, ViaBTC has transformed the mining industry with stable technologies and innovative models. From the self-developed Bitcoin client with improved operating efficiency to the PPS+ payment method that reshaped industry norms, ViaBTC has always focused on users and constantly perfected its products to maximize the mining revenue.

Through the “Ready for More” anniversary events, ViaBTC plans to thank miners for their continued support and witness a new crypto future together with users. During this year’s anniversary celebration, ViaBTC will host a series of giveaway events, offering abundant rewards to all users.

1. UGC Event for the 7th Anniversary

From May 26 to 31, users can follow ViaBTC (Twitter:@ViaBTC) on social media and post videos or pictures of ViaBTC’s logo (e.g., cakes or drawings) on SNS platforms with hashtags #ViaBTCugc and #ViaBTC7, along with their birthday blessings for the pool, to potentially win 100 USDT from ViaBTC.

2. ViaBTC Badge Sharing

From May 29 to June 30, users can post the Badge they got from the ViaBTC 7th Anniversary Party with hashtags #ViaBTC7 and #ViaBTCminer to go for USDT rewards.

3. Telegram Events for ViaBTC 7th Anniversary Celebration

ViaBTC’s official Telegram group will host a special event to celebrate the pool’s 7th anniversary on May 31. During the event, ViaBTC will announce a special anniversary challenge in the Telegram group, and users who complete the challenge may share a 500 USDT reward!

4. Price Prediction in LTC Halving

2023 will witness another LTC halving. The LTC price tends to significantly fluctuate during each halving. For example, in 2019, the LTC price rose from $32 in January to $136 in June. During the 7th anniversary celebration, ViaBTC will invite miners to predict the LTC price while waiting for the upcoming Litecoin halving.

From June 9 to 16, ViaBTC will launch LTC price prediction contests. During each contest, the top 3 users with the closest prediction results will share the USDT prize pool. Join the event for exciting opportunities and abundant rewards.

5. Litecoin Analysis for ViaBTC 7th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the upcoming LTC halving together with users, ViaBTC will, along with KOLs including Litecoin Foundation and its institutional partners, explore the history, future trends, and challenges & opportunities of LTC halving in Twitter Space together with users on June 16.

Moreover, during the anniversary celebration, users can join the 7th Anniversary Party by logging into the ViaBTC website or the ViaBTC App. The pool will give away generous cash rewards to both new and existing users, with a maximum reward of 7,777 USDT. Follow ViaBTC (Twitter:@ViaBTC on social media now and go to the ViaBTC website to unlock more exciting rewards!