ViaBTC: Survive the Crypto Bear by Earning Stable Returns via Mining

4 min readNov 9, 2022


Since 2022 kicked off, the consecutive interest rate hikes have led to significant volatility in the international financial market, especially the crypto market. Compared to its peak of nearly $3 trillion in 2021, the market cap of cryptocurrency has dropped all the way to under $1 trillion, down 66.6% in less than a year. Most cryptos, including BTC, have plunged by over 70%, a catastrophe for crypto speculators hoping to get rich overnight.

This is not the first time cryptocurrency plummeted. During the ten-odd years since cryptocurrencies were invented, the market has gone through many ups and downs across multiple market cycles, which justifies a golden investment strategy: speculate in a bull market, and mine in a bear market. For investors, the biggest advantage of crypto mining is that their crypto holdings will keep growing during the process, and the value of the cryptos they have now will multiply once the bear market is over. As they say, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second-best time is now.

Now that we know where to invest our money, how should we execute this strategy? The era of solo mining has long ended. Today, joining a pool for stable returns is the best option for most individual miners with a small mining operation. In a market that abounds with countless mining pools, including both the good and the bad, choosing a reliable pool that offers steady returns is of vital importance. Since it was founded in 2016, ViaBTC Pool, a blockchain veteran, has always put miners first by offering them stable mining services through dedicated efforts in terms of product, team, and customer service.

The secret to ViaBTC’s steady returns consists of three aspects:

First of all, ViaBTC offers premium products and services. Facing frequent market fluctuations, miners need a product that can automatically convert their mining revenue into stable assets if they wish to make stable earnings; otherwise, in the event of wild price swings, few miners could survive from huge losses, let alone get steady returns. ViaBTC was fully aware of such demands back in 2020 and launched Auto Conversion and Auto-withdrawal. With these functions, miners can mitigate the risks of price fluctuations and stabilize their mining revenue.

Moreover, to help miners hedge against price risks more flexibly and address the turnover of funds, ViaBTC introduced Hedging Service and Crypto Loans, two products tailored to the demand of crypto miners. Leveraging the approach of traditional finance, the pool offers miners more maneuverability in exchange for time, allowing them to maximize the value of their cryptos while earning mining revenue that stays stable over the long run.

Meanwhile, ViaBTC provides miners with open, transparent, and visualized mining data. It also rolled out Hashrates Fluctuation Notification, which sends users hashrate warnings through email and SMS, enabling real-time hashrate monitoring.

Secondly, ViaBTC is backed by a strong team. A company’s success depends on its team. ViaBTC is powered by a top-notch team consisting of members from all over the world, over 60% of whom focus on R&D. With such a strong team, ViaBTC Pool optimized the broadcasting and transmitting process of the BTC network through its independently developed BTC client. In addition, the pool also built mining nodes in multiple countries, which effectively lowers the orphan rate and allows it to offer more steady mining revenue.

ViaBTC has the lowest orphan rate in the industry

As a technical expert himself, Haipo Yang, ViaBTC’s founder, boasts profound insights into security and auditing, and has frequently emphasized the importance of code security. As a result, the pool has never suffered any major security breach since its inception.

Finally, ViaBTC offers satisfying customer service. Today, ViaBTC is available in four languages, i.e. English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Spanish, and has built five social media groups (English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Persian). In these groups, the pool’s customer service employees stay active to maintain the chat order and answer questions from miners.

At the same time, miners can also click on [Ticket] on the ViaBTC website to submit their problems, which will be handled by professionals from ViaBTC. With convenient customer service channels, miners can stay focused on mining, which helps them earn stable revenue in the long term.

As it improves its products and services during the current bear market, ViaBTC will remain focused on product optimization and deliver better mining experiences. Putting miners first, the pool will continue to offer efficient and stable one-stop mining services. In early 2022, ViaBTC kicked off the “Referral Reward” program, the most rewarding giveaway event it ever hosted. Right now, the program is in full swing, and the prices of mining machines are at an all-time low. If you plan to invest in crypto mining, check out this program: you can enjoy a referral ratio of up to 20% by referring friends to mine on ViaBTC! Over time, these referral rewards will significantly shorten your payback period.

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