ViaBTC Website Upgrades & S9 Contract Restocks

Dear ViaBTC users,

Good news! ViaBTC’s official website ( has updated again!

Two months ago we released our current website version and from all the data and user feedbacks, the update last time has been a big success. And this time, we will deliver even better user experience and the S9 cloud mining contract is online again after being out of stock for two weeks. What’s more exciting is that the S9 contract has been changed to USD pricing so that users will have better ROI and profitability. We will continue our efforts in the future to improve our products and services and make more contribution to the community.

1. New Features: “Account”

We added a new “Account” section in the update this time where you can see clearly your account balance (in “My Wallet”) and all the inbound and outbound flows of your assets (in “My Bills”), including deposits, withdrawals, pool profits, cloud mining profits, refer reward etc.

In the old version, user’s mining profit is allocated on a daily basis to the Bitcoin address you set. From now on, all your mining profits will be allocated to your account balance. You can put on “Auto Withdrawal” to receive daily payouts as before, or you can wait till your balance reaches certain amount to withdraw at one time.

2. New Contract: USD Priced S9 Contract

The S9 cloud mining contract has been out of stock for two weeks and we’ve been receiving order inquiries. People love S9 contract for its profitability! We’ve been speeding up to purchase and deploy the new batch of S9 miners. And finally every one gets a new chance for the perfect mining investment.

Unlike the old contracts though, this time we changed the pricing (including unit price and electricity costs) for S9 contract from Bitcoin to USD. As Bitcoin/USD rate changes all the time, this change will provide a better chance for users to grasp a perfect opportunity window to ensure a better profitability. Also, you can check the ratio of electricity cost against daily profit to get a clear view of your ROI.

3. New User Experience

The updated website has also changed some interfaces and streamlined operational procedures for easier use. We’ve optimized compatibility among different browsers so that you can access our website anytime anywhere.

If you have any questions about our new website, please feel free to drop an email to

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