ViaBTC’s US Stratum Online

US Mining Stratum

ViaBTC’s US stratum (server: is officially online today after intensive trial and testing. The US stratum is an independent mining server which can be as stable as those located in China. With the new stratum, we can provide services to users out of China’s Great Fire Wall with more stable connection and lower rejection rate. The mining data there will be synchronized in real-time with our datacenter in China. You can check the hashrate data on

The Most Ideal Method: PPS+

ViaBTC’s PPS+ method has combined all the advantages of the conventional PPS and PPLNS, and can deliver more stable and much higher mining yields.

Under the conventional PPS method, a pool hires the miners’ hashrates to work for it, so they can get stable income no matter how the pool runs. The block reward of 12.5 BTC will be allocated but a growing amount of transaction fee is taken by the pool. While with ViaBTC’s PPS+ method, the transaction fee, which takes up as high as 5% of block reward will be allocated to miners as well with a PPLNS method. Therefore, ViaBTC miners will get two parts of yields: one is the theoretical PPS mining income, and the other is transaction fee, which is allocated according to miner’s hashrate share and the actually mined Bitcoins by the pool.

The Most Professional Mining Pool

Since the launch in June this year, ViaBTC has attracted a great many miners globally with its stable services and higher mining yields. We have so far mined 1,800+ blocks and 24,000+ Bitcoins. And we are way ahead of other pools in the following aspects:

  1. ViaBTC has been the top runner in network broadcasting. Check out at a third-party website:;
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2. ViaBTC has accomplished ZERO orphan rate since its official launch in july. Check out the list of orphaned blocks here:;

3. Supported by its advanced relay network, ViaBTC can fastly synchronize the latest block. In the past two months, ViaBTC has achieved ZERO empty blocks, a feat no other SPV-based mining pool can compete.

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