Zcash Mining Software Guide: Genoil

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The passage is a Genoil guide.

Claymore: ONLY supports GPU mining with AMD. (Guide)
Genoil: ONLY supports GPU mining with AMD.
Nheqminer: Supports GPU mining with AMD and NVIDIA as well as CPU mining. (Guide)

1 Download Mining Software

Address: https: //www.antpool.com/download/genoil_antpool.zip

2 Configure

Find “zcash.bat” and open it with Text Editor. Make the changes as follows:

genoil.exe -c stratum+tcp://zec.viabtc.com:3333 -u account.workerid -p z -i 20 -P 0

Note: Please change account to your main account or sub account in ViaBTC pool and workerid to miner name. Click “Save” after change.

* Parameters Introduction:
1. -c ZCash pool address. stratum+tcp://zec.viabtc.com:3333
2. -u username. Use “account.workerid” as username.
3. -p Password for ZCash pool. Use “z” as password.
4. -i Mining intensity. Use “20” as mining intensity.
5. -P Use “0” as AMD GPU mining mode.

3 Get started

Double click “zcash.bat” and start mining.

Note: Port 25 or 443 is available too.

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